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Mirabelle Plum Fragrance Oil

Mirabelle Plum Fragrance Oil

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Our Mirabelle Plum fragrance oil is an inspiring and nostalgic scent. The first scent notes that you will notice upon opening the bottle are sweet and slightly spiced, and as it lingers in the air, a plum undertone will come through. This makes for a delicious scent that combines the sweetness of sugar with the tartness of ripe fruit. A strong, but not overpowering, fragrance oil, this product is perfect for those who love fruity fragrances yet want something that is not too sweet or overpowering.

Approved for use in:

  • Candles
  • Wax Melts
  • Reed Diffusers
  • Room, Body, Linen Sprays
  • Liquid Soaps
  • & More!
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